Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Testing, Testing.........123!!!

Just testing adding images with this 40th birthday card. I did make this a while ago but had to use something that I rescued from the old computer until we get the scanner and printer hooked up to the laptop.
Although I have lost quite a bit of stuff, it isn't quite as bad as I first thought it would be so I am very relieved.
First day back at the shop today since last Tuesday. Had a fab day and came home as usual with a bag full of stash as there had been deliveries while I was away.
I got some more Oriental sets in the Habico clear stamps so I can't wait to play with those. Actually I think that apart from a couple of stamps I bought all Oriental ones today.........I really have got the bug bad now. At one time I didn't like that style of card at all.
June 2nd I am doing a private class for some ladies in Stockport and I was going to do the cards I did in Devon but I need to tweak that a bit and design a couple of new ones as I over ran on both days. I may just alter the technique rather than design totally different cards though.
Well I am totally whacked now as I have spent this evening clearing all my workspace and the floor ready to start cutting all the class packs and packing my bags again. Once that is done though I can start to play again for a while until the next demo.
I'm off for a nice relaxing bath now and a read of me book.
Night night


  1. Ooooooh Sheila - new Habico sets? Yummy!! Can't wait to see what you do with those - hehehe!
    I'm glad you've lost less data than you thought - it's a b***** though, innit?
    Take care

  2. It's working, working 123! Good o more inspiration to soak up on my daily visit!


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