Sunday, 15 April 2007

For Rainbowgirl

O'er.......I have had a request for the recipe for my tomato and red onion flan as made during my Domestic Goddess moment the other day.
I have to be honest and admit that I don't work from recipes as I am a bit of a 'bung it in and hope to God I don't poison everybody' kinda cook.
So here goes.....the recipe is basically a quiche so you can add anything you want to it and I'll give you a few of the fillings I have used in the past at the end of the instructions.
My flan dish is about a 9 inch one
Line a flan dish with shortcrust pastry and cover the base with grated cheese.....a good full flavoured cheese is best.
Cover the cheese with thinly sliced onion.......I use red onion cos I love it but when cooked it does take on a rather strange blue tint so use white onion if preferred.
Slice a pack of cherry tomatoes in half and arrange over the top of the onions covering the whole flan.
Beat 3 large eggs with a little milk, salt and freshly ground black pepper and then pour into the flan dish. Sprinkle with dried or fresh Parsley.
I have an electric fan oven and bake this at 170 for about 45 mins or so. A normal oven would be about 190 and if you have gas you will need to check what the equivalent is as I haven't cooked on gas for years unfortunately.
Eat warm or cold.

Other fillings that go down well with my family are........
Flaked Tuna with Green Peppers
Stilton with halved Walnuts
Bacon and Mushrooms....I always dry fry the bacon first to give it some flavour and then drain on kitchen paper.
Sliced cooked sausage with onions and green peppers.
Cubed Corned Beef with onions and sliced or cubed cooked potatoes.

Hope you like it



  1. oh yum!... I thought this sounded yum in your previous post too, I'm glad you've shared your recipe, you're my kinda cook ;o)

  2. Hi sheila - thanks so much for the recipe. My boys and their partners are veggies and we rarely eat meat, so this will be great to try.


  3. ooh a domestic goddess - and at your age too hehe


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