Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Introducing Belle

If you're thinking........mmmmm I've seen that card somewhere before.....just scroll down and you will see that I have used the same layout as I used for the Oriental card I posted yesterday.
I needed to make a background for the image of Belle that was fairly quick to do as all of the work in this card is actually in the stamping and cutting out of various layers.
It started with stamping Belle onto a piece of flesh coloured card. I had to use Bazzill as it was the only card I had of the right colour but stamping on the textured side didn't work too well so I just flipped it over and stamped on the reverse. The stamping was done in brown as I thought black was a little harsh for the paper I was going to use to make her clothing.....Sari from the Basic Grey Perhaps range.
I stamped several images of Belle onto the Sari paper and began cutting the layers which I then glued to the base image as I didn't want a decoupaged look.
For the white pieces I just inked the top half of the stamped and stamped it onto the reverse of a scrap piece of the BG paper.
For a touch of bling I added a self adhesive jewel for an earring and a touch of silver Stickles to her bracelet.
The patterned paper used for the layering is BG, Perhaps, Julia. Both papers used are extremely lush and it nearly killed me to cut it......but hey ho....just means I'll have to buy some more.
I'm not sure what you would call this technique as it isn't strictly decoupage and I'm not sure that it is paper piecing either.Whatever it is I really enjoyed doing it.
The ladies who come to the shop for classes will be quite shocked that I have done a pink card and especially a pink card with bling.
I've got a feeling that this is one card I will become heartily sick of by the time I have done several classes with it.
How much spring cleaning did I get done today? I got absolutely nothing done......shame on me.
DD was going to be helping me as I have a bit of trouble lifting due to a back problem and also kneeling due to a strange lump that appeared on my kneecap a few months ago and I needed to do quite a bit of both.
So first thing this morning she said she needed to nip into town first to pay a hour at the most ....or so I thought.
Three hours later she returned laden down with shopping by which time it was too late really to think about starting anything major.
I couldn't be mad at her though as she came back with some goodies for me too in the shape of a few sheets of All My Memories Herbanella paper in the most gorgeous green and navy and a new mug which is so big I could use it as a foot bath. I may have to use it as a soup bowl as drinking tea out of it would cause me slight problems IYSWIM.
So instead of actually doing today we sat with a pot of tea and had a long discussion about what wants doing and made a plan of action which makes such scary reading that I am thinking of taking my vows and entering a closed order for the rest of my life.
Well best go and catch some ZZZZZZZZZ's as I have work tomorrow and we have two classes booked in.
Bye for now


  1. Sheila, I just found your blog from the top 50 sites and I love the Belle card. That is definitely art! I'm from Florida, US, and as soon as I figure out how to subscribe to your blog, I'm gonna. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.

  2. very intereseting layout! lovely cards too, got some blog candy to giveaway have a looks!

  3. Carolyn thanks very much for visiting and for your lovely comments.
    I'm afraid I don't know how to set the Blog up so that people can subscribe to it but I will have a play around with it.

  4. Belle is looking mighty fine Sheila! I may have to 'lift' this idea with the narrow lines on the card - great stuff.


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