Wednesday, 25 April 2007

No wonder they call me Manic!!!

I've had quite a busy day today.......quite being a bit of an understatement.
This flippin' Domestic Goddess keeps fighting to get out and if I didn't know better I would think I was nesting or something for a new little arrival.
I seem to have developed a mania for wanting things to be tidy and nice, fresh flowers in the lounge, waste bins emptied every day, dusting......I am getting quite frightened.
I've done more home cooking in the last fortnight than in the last two years and me and the hoover seem to have become bosom buddies.
If I start letting you all know where the best prices on groceries are instead of craft stuff........somebody take me out and shoot me.
Anyway...last night I was sorting out a box of A5 card and found loads of odd sheets left over from projects which I would normally either die cut or take to the shop and put on the paper stand. Instead I decided to have a bit of a play with my jar of bleach, the kitchen scrub pad and an old syringe from an inkjet refill kit.
Before I start I always paint a spot of bleach onto the back of the card to see how it will turn. After all there is no sense in wasting time artistically applying bleach if the colour underneath is horrible or the card doesn't react at all.
In the past I have had some absolutely amazing colour changes happen and also my fair share of disappointing results.
The top three pieces have been done with the kitchen scrub pad......the flat green ones not the ones on sponge.
I cut a piece from the pad and stuck it to a spare wooden block with DST which makes it much easier to handle.
I poured some bleach onto an old plate......just a small puddle which I then spread out to give a thin layer.
Then its just a case of dipping the pad and stamping it onto the card twisting the block to get a more random pattern.
This second set has been done using the inkjet refill syringe.
Just fill the syringe with bleach......thick is best for this method.
Then hold the syringe in one hand and gently depress the plunger for a constant stream. Move your hand in a scribbling motion and take the bleach off the edges of the card for a more natural look.
Leave on one side to dry.
This technique never ceases to fascinate me as every piece is unique.
These pieces will be worked on some more with stamps and inks to produce some one off background papers for use on some collage cards I have in mind. They probably won't get done until later in the week as tonight I am trying to put the final touches to some class projects for the shop.........ooh talking of which.........the Clarity Stamp order has arrived. I got a very excited call from the boss to let me know they were here today so as it is payday tomorrow you can almost certainly expect to hear of new additions to my stash when I get home.
Well best go before I bore you to death.
Bye for now


  1. Sheila - step away from the housework ...... :D

    What fab results you got with the bleach. I've never tried this, think I'll have to give it a go.

  2. I love the bleached backgrounds, Sheila - a much better use for bleach than household cleaning.

    But if you're really feeling the need to continue your domestic goddess routine, then I could do with a hand!!

  3. ~takes Sheila by the scruff and says~


    See you can do it!

  4. Your bleach technique looks fabby, not too sure about the housework stuff lol

    jo xx

  5. I love those backgrounds you've made with bleach Sheila... now for some more collage cards!!

    BTW - how did you make the Indian Chief card in your slideshow? It's absolutely gorgeous!!

    I'm off to play with my alcohol!!

    Rosie - from Aunty's


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