Saturday, 7 April 2007

I Love Happy Accidents!!!

Don't you just absolutely love it when nothing goes to plan but you end up making something better than your original idea?
That very thing happened to me today and the card above is the result.
I was using the dusky pink card I have used for the card blank, which is a piece from a small wodge that I picked up from somewhere thinking it would make nice feminine vintage cards, but it has just never gone with anything I have wanted to do so today I started using it up by having it as protection on my desk while doing some bleaching.
I was doing the magnolia on some green card that quite strangely turns pink when bleached but it just wasn't going well as I had embossed then bleached which looked fine but in trying to add another element the embossing was turning from gold to black and spreading.........not a good look believe me.
Anyway I had splashed some bleach onto the pink card and when it dried it was a lovely creamy white so I quickly grabbed a spare piece and stamped the image in black Stazon and started painting on the bleach very carefully as I wanted to leave the shaded areas pink. I also bleached out the colour from the cone and the leaves.
Once dry I used pencil crayons and Gamsol to add colour to the leaves and the cone and then a soft pink crayon was used to add a mid colour between the dark pink and the creamy white of the petals. I have to admit that I am absolutely stunned that card I was virtually throwing away has turned out to look so amazing.
The magnolia is just one stamped image, there is no layering at all and yet it has such depth.
I shall have to go and lie down in a dark room now to get over the!!!
The piece is mounted straight onto a card blank that has been stamped using Versamark with an ornamental image which echoes the cone shape in the centre of the flower.
I hope you like it.
I have just spent a couple of hours watching the non musical version of The King and I starring Jodie Foster.........what a fab film. I thoroughly enjoyed made me laugh, cry and go all gooey.....and no annoying songs.........fantastic.
Have now made a quick exit from the lounge to avoid watching Dambusters....yet again.....which hubby has just shoved into the DVD player. Not my idea of Saturday night thrills I'm afraid.
I shall have to start a Saturday Night Stampers club for all of us who need to get away from whatever the men are watching on!!!
Well I'm away to drop a few things onto the desk to see what my next 'happy accident' will bring.
Have a good night


  1. Wow! What a brilliant 'happy' discovery! I love that flower, it looks so delicate. Well done...I wish you many more discoveries to come!

  2. Thats lovely Sheila - and is it another 'pink' card???

  3. bugger!!! I really wish MY mistakes - of which are many - looked like THAT

    you are SO CLEVER

  4. This looks so realistic. It's just perfect, beautiful...
    Hope to see more mistakes like this!


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