Tuesday, 10 April 2007

I Found My Lost Inchies

When I joined the Inchie Swap over on UK Stampers I made 5 of the little blighters and then had to put them away for a few days while I moved some new furniture into my workroom and then when I came to start them again.....they had disappeared and I couldn't find them anywhere.
Well guess I found them on the window ledge behind the very piece of furniture I had moved into the room......honestly I could have said some very bad words if it wasn't for the fact that I am a lady.
So that's them up there. I was doing 'The Five Senses' and this set is sight......can you see the teeny tiny eye peeking out of the door of the Taj Mahal? It nearly killed me cutting that out and the Statue of Liberty nearly ended up as the Venus de Milo.......minus an arm. The things you do in the name of art.
I've spent most of the day pottering about in between sleeping again......the iron tablets haven't kicked in yet so I must have got a bit more run down than I thought. Thanks Bex for the suggestion about iron injections. I am due at the docs soon so will ask about them.
So I've altered some nasty pastel dew drop paper and turned it a nice grungy terracotta and olive, made a few spotty watering cans for some gardening cards and put the finishing touches to a couple of golden wedding cards for delivery to a customer tomorrow. After that I didn't want to start on anything else really as I have to go to work tomorrow......or should I say later today.......and wanted to leave my desk tidy so I decided to have a sort out of my stamps. While I was sorting them out I also decided to count them which in hindsight was not the best idea I ever had due to the shock I got.
I thought that I maybe had around 600 or so stamps but just counting the stamps that are actually in my workroom I found that I have about 2,500 individual stamps and a rough estimate of stamps I have stored away would take the total to around 3,500. Besides these I also have 20 different alphabets. Poor old hubby nearly had to scrape me up off the floor.
I think then it is safe to say that I have a bit of a problem. I wonder if you can get counselling for rubber!!!
It's a good job that the majority of them are unmounted or I'd need an extension on the house to store them in.
Had some upsetting news this evening. One of our lovely elderly neighbours is in hospital after falling and breaking her hip. She and her husband live about five houses away from us so we hadn't heard or seen any ambulances or anything. Hubby found out when he popped up to have a chat this morning. Poor lady.......prayers for her recovery would be much appreciated.
Well I'm for the Land of Nod again if I want to be up for work.
Night night peeps


  1. Hi Sheila
    I found it!!
    Your inchies are beautiful-guess they had to hide to mature like a good wine!
    Can't believe what i've seen looking at your blog--PINK WORK BY SHEILA!!!!
    It was lovely to see you today and as aways thanks for your advice

  2. oh wow, your inchies are just stunning - I wouldn't want to give those up tbh - so maybe your subconscience hid them?

  3. great inchies, aren't they addictive?


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