Sunday, 8 April 2007

Sleepy Sheila

I think it must be time to start taking the iron tablets again......yuck!!! I seem to have been having a bit of a dozy day today and have spent quite a lot of time asleep.
Made a total of two cards today when I really should have been making up loads for the local shop but never mind......I obviously needed a day off.
So my card today is just a bit of messing about with stamps, inks, Bondaweb and Perfect Pearls.
Started off with a piece of smooth white card and stamped the Paper Artsy images using Versamark which I then embossed with clear powder.
I then used a variety of Vivid ink pads to add the colour and then with a piece of copier paper laid over it I ironed with a hot iron to melt away the embossing. You could leave the embossing there if you wanted to but I don't particularly like the shiny finish it gives so always remove it.
I then laid a piece of light Bondaweb over the top and heated it. The lighter one melts away more than the Ultra which allows more of the images to show through.
Perfect Pearl was then brushed over the top of the Bondaweb and reheated. Perfect Pearl is the white powder which looks silver when applied.....I do wish they had called it a different name like simply..... Pearl.
Once cool I stamped further images over the top using Midnight Blue Stazon and added the Journey strip.
I hope you are not all getting bored with the Bondaweb. I am so fascinated by it and keep trying it on all sorts of different things to see what it looks like and this time using it over stamped images it reminds me a little of craquelure......a paint effect I once tried that never ever worked properly which annoyed me as the mediums to do it had been quite expensive.........shoulda bought some Bondaweb!!!
Feeling a bit mad at myself today. I am trying slowly to gain more control over my stash of card and papers and reduce the amount of storage space they take up.....which is probably about one third of my workroom. I thought I had run out of smooth white card for stamping on and bought a box last week........opened a drawer today and found about two boxes worth.......I could have kicked myself if I'd had the!!!
I know it will get used but it will take an awful lot of stamping to even make a dent in that lot.
Ah well I think I shall go and have a shower to try and perk myself up a bit and then I had best tidy up the mess I've made.
Hope you are all having a good weekend


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  2. Sheila - This is one GORGEOUS card! I couldn't make something like this awake or asleep!

  3. I'm with Leenda on this one... this is GORGEOUS!!!... and wish I could have a sleep stampin day and make something as wonderful as this... Just beautiful Sheila..

  4. Wonderful Sheila - I have some Bonda Web but can never get it to look like this! Maybe you can give me some tips - my Bonda Web sticks but just doesn't want to go into holes like yours does. I like the holes for texture and get quite frustrated with this stuff! Do you iron the stuff on or just heat it on with a heat gun?

  5. I absolutely love that card Sheila!
    The colours and textures are fab!

  6. Fab cards as always Sheila - you have been a busy bee!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now - I would recommend asking your GP about Iron injections - none of the nasty side effects!

    Love Bex xxxxxx


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