Friday, 6 April 2007

Two for the price of one.....DCM Cards

I thought I would get both of the cards done for the Daring Cardmakers challenges before I posted them.........not like me to be so sensible but there you!!!

First up is the Midweek Vintage challenge.
This card took me absolutely ages to do. The arch background and the image were fine but I just couldn't make them look right on anything.........I swear doing all that pink stuff addled my brain.
Anyway......the arch background is stamped with some gorgeous new Elusive Images stamps using brown ink on beige card. This has been hand coloured using 7 Gypsies Colour Wash inks in Walnut Forest, Walnut Scarlet, Walnut Ochre and Walnut Walnut. I then gave the whole thing a wash of the Walnut Ochre.
The arch has been edged in gold Krylon and mounted onto brown card.
The side lacing is gold ribbon.
I did stamp the background paper with the same stamp as the bottom of the arch using Versamark but the scanner doesn't seem to have picked that up.

Today's dare is Art and although I am not a great lover of modern art I wanted to do something that was bright and very simple but also to have a meaning. I have called this piece 'Pushing the Button'........having been thinking about how many times in a day we push buttons whether at work in an office, a factory or the home or during leisure time watching TV, listening to music, using the computer. Most things we do involve pushing a button of some kind.
So this is just a white square card blank and each area has been masked before colouring using cotton wool and ink from a Palette Hybrid Inkpad-Lautrec Rainbow.
The black lines were drawn with a permanent marker and the button is a clear bubble sticker over black card.
I'm not sure about the artist that inspired me to do this. I think it's probably just an impression left by several artists but even then I can't be sure.
I actually like this one quite a lot though and thought this challenge was absolutely brilliant.....Thanks Rhi.
Well the upstairs spring clean is done and I feel like a couple of cart horses have done a Flamenco dance up and down me back but boy am I glad I got it done.
There are three boxes of stuff to go to the charity shop and about seven bags of unwanted stuff to go to the tip tomorrow. I shall sleep like a rock tonight.
Now I am just going to tidy my desk and then have a play with some of my new Cricut cartridges as I have four that have not been out of their boxes yet.
Happy Easter to you all.


  1. Both cards are great Sheila - everything about the Vintage one is perfecto!!!

  2. Love the colours of you artist card Sheila,realy vibrant.

  3. I am more of a modern person myself so that is my fave. But I thought you would probably rock the vintage stylee and i was right. he only thing is - where is the woman's hand??????

  4. Ooooooh Lythan I am too shy to!!!

  5. Lol at the hand!

    Oh wow Sheila, a double whammy there! The vintage card is fantastic, that stamped background is lush! And who would have thought the same artist produced the Art card too, Its fantastic

    And WOW to your Art card, it oozes modernism. It kind of reminds me of this guy Van Doesburg

    Im so glad you enjoyed the dare :)
    Rhi xx

  6. WOZERS Sheila... I'm in awe of the way you stamp.. the vintage one is AMAZING!!! I love that BG.. and arch cards are so on my list todo.. Gorgeous Work..
    This art card is FAB!.. it captivates me.. love these simple lines and the colours you've used are AWESOME!...
    now off to do some reading of your blog cause I've missed a couple of days...

  7. Sheila, you seem to be able to do so many different styles! I love to look at your blog to see what you've been up too.

  8. Some lovely work! You have managed to get all the right elements particulalry in your arch card! I had to laugh at your comment on my blog, cos there was only one card, the other picture was off the rubber stamps, I drew inspration from hee hee, or were you referring to something else???

  9. ooooh the vintage one is gorgeous, and I love how colourful the other one is... such a contrast.

  10. Fab cards. Me and stamping don't really get on so I am totally in awe of your stuff.

  11. Happy Easyer, great cards, both of them.

  12. Hi Sheila

    love the Art Attack card. Reminds me of Mondrian. He did lots of squares in bright colours.


  13. A fab piece of modern art! You could frame that one!

  14. Fab stuff Sheila, I especially like the modern one - puts me in mind of Mondrian or Rothko.

  15. Love your card Sheila its so full of colour.

    Andrea xx

  16. Two fab cards Sheila, well done.

  17. lovely cards Sheila . well done

  18. Both of these are so amazing - and just show how widespread your talnet is as they are each so very different for the other and still so wonderful

  19. Fab art card, I love the bright colours and the way they contrast. The vintage one, especially the background is great


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