Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Getting a bit too fond of this pink!!!

Evening's turned out pink.....erm I mean nice!!!
I am so in danger of ruining my reputation with all this girly pink I am using lately but I must admit it does make a bit of a change from all the black and brown I usually use.
This card is one we will be making in the class tomorrow afternoon and I have used the Silken Mist technique for the background although I have given it slightly more texture by dabbing and dragging it through the H2O's rather than just swooshing it around.
The Magnolia stamp is by All Night Media and although I don't particularly like the real thing I really love this stamp as you can do so much with it.
Here I have stamped several images and painted them with H2O's. Then I have cut them as for decoupage but just glued the layers rather than using foam pads. I've started doing this quite a bit now due to the new postage thing....just to show that you can get as good an effect without the pads.
Gawd.....11.30pm and I still have several jobs to do before I can turn in and get some sleep. My own fault as I sat with DD and watched a film earlier while we ate tea and it has set me behind a bit.
Bless her....she came back from town this morning with the film of my favourite Maeve Binchy book......Tara Road. Not the best film I have ever seen seeing as how it starts about halfway through the book but it was OK for an early evening watch. Isn't she just so thoughtful though....ooooh I love her to bits my little angel. for a shower and back to work. I daren't get in a bath as I think I would fall asleep and not wake up until morning.......eeeeeeeeewwwww imagine waking up in a cold bath!!!
Sleep tight peeps


  1. This is lovely and soft Sheila - your ladies will love it!! Thanks for the hugs by the way!

  2. Oh I think this is pretty.. Pink and all!!!.. love it Sheila..
    and you do have a very special DD to think of you like this.. Gorgeous!


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