Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Not A Bit Of Bondaweb In Sight!!!

A new background for you tonight which I have been working on since getting home from the shop and I am pretty pleased with the results.
I have mentioned before about using Isopropyl Alcohol with Stazon inks on silver mirror of my favourites. The only trouble with it is that most of the time when you come to scan it, it just looks like a solid black mess as metallic card just doesn't scan well. I have also used the same ingredients on pearlised card but I wanted a cleaner sharper finish than that gives as the pearl tends to show through the inks.
Tonight I have tried the technique using just plain old gloss card and it worked a treat.....I got exactly the look I wanted.
The gloss card I use is the one that is sold for encaustic wax work. A pack of 100 105mm x 148mm is around £6.00 and as it is double sided you get a second chance at whatever you are doing on it if you mess up on one side.....fabulous.
So take a piece of gloss card and dab all over with a black Stazon need to cover it completely. Then spritz with Isopropyl.......the ink will 'bead up' and spread.
Dry with a heat gun.
If you think it needs another coat just repeat.
Next I trimmed the card to size for my project and then using a sanding block I distressed the ink all over and then removed more around the edges.
I used stamps from a set by Elusive Images.......the same set as used on the Vintage card I did for the DCM midweek dare........don't they look different?
The face stamp is Hampton Art and it has been coloured by using a Tombow blending pen to pick up chalk which gives a stronger colour. Marvy also do a blending pen.
Card number two is for those of you who like something a bit brighter. I've just changed the inks to Cactus Green for the first layer, spritzed and dried then Mustard for the second layer, spritzed and dried and then distressed.
The tulip stamp is by Magenta. It's a single tulip so I did a bit of masking with a Post It note and then coloured in with pencil crayons.
I must say that although I am a bit of a 'grunge girl' I do love the tulip card
I don't know if you can see it on the scan but when you heat the green layer of ink, for some reason you get some blue colouring appear on the card. I didn't worry too all looks fine when it's been distressed.
I really need to be good now and get some cards done to stock up the stand in the local shop and then I have to finalise my projects for my workshops and demo in Devon next month so that I can send a product list in. I'd like to get that done before the weekend if possible but early next week if not. After that I shall make up the project packs for the workshops or at least make a start on them and type up my lists of stuff to pack before starting on the stuff I shall need for the demo.
Now is when I start to get excited because I absolutely love going to Finishing Touches of's like going home......although as far as I know I have no ties whatsoever with anywhere south of!!!
To work then.........or shall I go and have a nice bath first? Gawd I am so dilatory!!!
Bye for now
Ooh just need to say Hi Kerry............thanks for dropping in and it was lovely to see you today's been sooooo long!!!


  1. Amazing - another two very inspiring cards Sheila. I for one LOVE the grungy style!

  2. I love both of these cards, Sheila

    You are just soooooo clever!

  3. Fab cards, as ever - you are so inspirational!

  4. oh wow!!!!... love that face card Sheila... it's UNREAL!!!!!...
    beautiful work...
    the tulip one is very cool too, esp how the colour changed like!


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