Thursday, 19 July 2018

Getting Ready For Another Busy Weekend!!!

Today I will be starting my weekend clean up a day early as I will be spending time looking after the girls on Saturday and Sunday while DDIL is working from home again. It has come round a bit quicker this time as she has taken a colleagues turn so that they can enjoy their full seven day break.
So I doubt I'll get any sewing done today.....maybe some cutting out but that will be all.

These were passed on to Miss Marlowe yesterday.........

These are the last I will make for her in this style as they are the largest size we can go on the pattern.
The next step is proper frocks with gathering, puffed sleeves and all sorts of stuff to get myself in trouble
Ruby's dress was tried on and fit her like it was made for her....ha, ha, ha and she loved it.
My fabric stash is taking a right old battering so I need to save up for a trip to either Derby or Birmingham to put things right and also to stock up on threads.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about my needle changing tool. Such a simple thing but I do find it very useful.

Oh well....time to don the Marigolds and get scrubbing.....after a coffee of course 😁

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Could you share some places in bIrmingahm where you get fabric? I am relative,y new to the country and missing my old stamping grounds for fabric.


    1. Hi Traveller
      I tend to shop for my fabrics on The Rag Market in Birmingham. It's not far from the railway station.
      Lots of different kinds of fabrics at really good prices and just about everything else you need for sewing.
      Welcome to The UK.

  2. Impressive little dresses, love the fabric. Have a wonderful weekend with the girls.

  3. I made something similar for my daughetr, Sheila, which she wore like a kind of apron in the 70’s. Sewing machine coming home tomorrow (£89) but that’s it had its annual service too.

  4. Oh, those dresses! I love the fabric. I'll soon be putting in an order for Lily. 😉

  5. The dresses are beautiful and love the little spaghetti strap dress for Ruby too. You're very talented. I 've just made 4 patio cushions, really hard with my right arm which is still not fully 100% but I did it!


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