Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Stupid, Stupid Woman!!!

That would be me then.
After lunch today I felt OK enough to have a ride into town with DD as I needed some foam pads and baby wipes. We managed to park right near the back entrance to the shopping centre and I walked from there through to the other side of the centre to visit The Works. By the time I got there my back hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out with the pain. DD had gone over to the other shopping centre so there I was stuck at the back of The Works not even able to put my left foot down on the floor because the pain made me want to scream....very loudly.
So I am back to square one. Standing hurts, sitting hurts so I am doing a bit of each for a few minutes at a time. I think I had best give in and go to the docs.....if only for some stronger pain killers.

Anyway......while I was in The Works I spotted some Iron On Diamonds for £1 a pack. They are really nailheads and I got three packs of stars, one pack of assorted rounds and one of teeny tiny rounds made up into flower shapes. I think you are supposed to iron the whole thing on but I shall be picking them off to glue onto projects. There are loads in each pack. Also for anyone who likes jigsaw blanks they had a pack of eight A5ish sized jigsaws for £1.99. Didn't count how many pieces to each jigsaw but there must have been twenty so I'd say 160 individual pieces.....give or take a few.......lovely for stamping on.
Well that's it......I have sat long enough and need to go and wander for a few minutes now.
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