Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Craft Free Days!!!

The last three days have been a dead loss on the crafting front I'm afraid. With Ruby not leaving until quite late in the evening I am too tired by the time she goes home to start anything so I've been doing a bit of tidying up.
My back is still not better....although the pain has moved now into my right hip and leg. It's really getting me down and I am turning into a right snappy old besom. Mr Manic and DD are tending to keep out of my way most of the time for fear of losing their heads to my snapping!!!
Tomorrow is going to be a big crafting day and it will be a chippy tea as I'm not coming down until I have had enough.
Sorry for the lack of picture posts lately.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. im afraid we are having the same back pain, hip, and im pregnant...and they say its because of the baby...but i can barely walk at times. I hope you get to feeling better...cause i can truly feel your pain...its not pleasant. Take care. HUGZ

  2. Hi Sheila sorry to here you are still in pain, have you thought of reflexology, I now have it every 4 weeks for my back problems believe me I couldn't walk for two weeks I had a prolapsed disc and I was on diazapam, five 5mins after the reflexology had been spasms stopped and each day I got better, I would say try it you have nothing to loose


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