Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday Mojo!!!

Well I don't know where it came from but today I got a bit of the old mojo going and attacked my offcuts of paper box. I racked up sixteen cards in total. All very similar to the one above. Paper-gcd Studios-Paris Nights.
The box is a bit lighter and I have added to my stock for the shop so that can't be bad. It was a bit painful sitting so I had to keep getting up and moving onto the higher worktop so that I could stand a while. Then that got painful so I had to sit again...ay was driving me nuts.

The Princess will be in the house tomorrow so I am off to make a start on tomorrows tea so that I can spend time playing with her...thus avoiding the 'hup' situation where she wants to be lifted up to watch me cooking. I don't think my back could stand that fifty times an hour. If the weather is nice I might try a gentle stroll out in the fresh air with her and the dog.

Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

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