Thursday, 3 March 2011

Up And About!!!

Hi there
Seems like the old back is on the mend now. Just a few twinges when I try to push it where it doesn't want to go.
I've managed to do a bit upstairs tonight but nothing finished at the moment. Everything is at varying stages but looking at the pile....I should have a good few Mother's Day cards when I am done.
Got some baking done which pleased my lot no end. As standing in one place for long has been very uncomfortable they haven't had much in the way of home baking apart from the shortbread I made on Sunday.....and that is long!!!
Miss Doodle was an absolute joy today. Even in pain you can't be miserable with that little dote in the house. She just loves to make us laugh. Her latest thing is pulling faces until we laugh and then she just cracks up with laughing herself. She's just so precious.
DD found a soft play centre in the local town so we are off to try it out tomorrow and see if she likes it.
Can't believe we are into March already....can you? It doesn't seem like a minute since Christmas. Another twelve weeks or so and I'll be fetching my stuff out to design this years Christmas!!!
Well I'll love you and leave you as I need to go and put my feet up for a bit.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad your back is on the mend Sheila, suffering from back problems myself I can feel your pain. One thing I can recommend is reflexology this has help me lots over the years even when the pain killers wouldn't touch it.

    Have fun today with the beautiful Ruby, hope she likes the soft play centre

  2. Glad you're on the mend Sheila, back pain can be so debilitating and frustrating, I find. Looking forward to seeing your Mother's Day creations ! Sue x


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