Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lovely Day!!!

Yes it's been a really smashing day today.
Pottering the kitchen this morning. Baking and preparing a roast lamb lunch and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Miss Doodle and her Mummy and Daddy.
Today she arrived wearing smart new shoes and she thinks they are just the bees knees.
We had a lovely leisurely lunch and then while Mr Manic, DD and DDIL washed up DS took me a ride down to see the cottage they will be moving into in three weeks. Oh my days it is gorgeous. The drive down to it once you leave the main road is out of this world. I am green with envy. It's just the sort of place I would love. Unfortunately there are not enough bedrooms for me and the kitchen........well let's just say that I would have to be a lot tidier cook than I am!!! For them though it is just perfect.
After they left I managed some time upstairs and again in between DOI and the skate off I managed another hour. Not much produced but I did get some preparation done for cards to make tomorrow. I have a bonus day as DS has had his shift changed and I won't be having Ruby until Tuesday. As the house is all clean and tidy I have nothing to do tomorrow but play......erm sorry I mean!!!
Managed to complete the maddening game last night so I don't know what I shall do tonight. I know one thing will involve a cuppa somewhere.
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