Friday, 25 March 2011

Another Treacle Day!!!

I thought one taxing day in a week was bad enough but today has been another one so I am going to name them Treacle Days. I have felt quite off it all day what with my back pain and various other ailments so Ruby chose today to play at little minxes......and she does it rather well I have to say. She has discovered the art of squealing and I daresay if she carries on practising at the rate she is doing she will definitely win awards for it. My head felt like I'd had nails hammered into it by the time she went home but little moments like when she put a hand either side of my face, leaned her head towards me and said 'mamma' just make the not so good chicken, broccoli and carrots spat all over my glasses...worthwhile......and she is teething so all is!!!

As you can imagine crafting was not much on my mind tonight. I did go upstairs to print off some stuff needed for some requested cards and bought it down with me to cut out while I had a browse on the www but it's still in the box I bought it down in.
I need to phone to see if I can get a doctors appointment tomorrow as my back is not getting any fact at times I am struggling to walk so best go and get it looked at.

Rightio then.....I'm off to bed.
Thanks for your visit.

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