28 February 2011

So Relaxing Sunday!!!

Well despite having only been up to my room to open the curtains this morning and not getting any crafting done at has been a pretty relaxing day. Mr Manic and DD were both asleep after coming in from night shifts so I had my lovely clean kitchen all to myself and pottered about cooking a roast beef dinner ready for the hoards descending then prepared a huge round of shortcake for them have with strawberries and cream later. DS and DDIL did the washing up while I cuddled Ruby off to sleep.
Tonight I have watched DOI and have to say that I am pretty p'd off that Vanilla Ice was voted off. He is seriously gorgeous and now I have nothing to look forward to on a Sunday hoo!!!
My back is still playing up and I did have a couple of scary moments in the kitchen this morning but tonight it does seem a little better than it has been so I am hopeful of it getting better this week.
Just off for a chat with DD who is at work before I sling myself on the sofa for a good read and a can of something cold......I am having a bit of a tropical half hour!!!
Thanks for dropping by.

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