Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tales From The Sick House!!!

Gor blimey.......we are dropping like flies around here at the moment. Even the dog hasn't been very well.....albeit just a touch of garbage guts....again. Mr Manic and DD have caught my cold so I am in bad books.
I must say this cold has knocked me for six and I would very much like for it to go away now and not come back....thank you.
However I feel tomorrow the carpets have to be done as if they're not it will be a fortnight before I will have the chance again and I am just at the point of threatening to rip them up and burn them now so what I would be like in two weeks I just dread to think.
Anyway can't get off to sleep so I am going to haul my sorry carcass to the sofa and read for a while.
Thanks for dropping by my sick bed.....who ate all the grapes?!!!

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