Monday, 7 February 2011

All Day Doodle!!!

Hooby Dooby.....the couple of hours Miss Doodle was staying for today turned into a bit longer than anticipated as I think DS and DDIL were rather enjoying their shopping trip which unfortunately for me means no time upstairs today. Having said that Ruby was so fabulous that I have just had an absolute ball with her for the day.

We've had some pretty strong wind today which has blown some ridge tiles from the roof. Luckily next door have a roofing man working there at the moment and he is going to repair the damage tomorrow for us. Mr Manic is not happy as he also has to have some damage repaired on his car which was done by someone on a car park who very kindly drove off. The quote from the dealer where he bought the car was an extortionate £600 but luckily he knows someone who can do exactly the same job for £200 so although it's still annoying to have to pay out for something that wasn't his fault it's better than £600.

I think the worst of my cold has gone now. Just a bit of a sniffle and a slight cough left so hopefully tomorrow I will be raring to go with my cardmaking....after I have tidied up.

Well I am off for a browse round the internet with a nice cuppa to warm me up. It's quite draughty in here tonight so I don't know how long I will be able to stand it before diving under my blanket on the sofa and reading.

Thanks for dropping by.

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