Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ho De Hum!!!

Oh gawd...evrything is conspiring against me to keep me out of my craft room this weekend. So once again I have nothing to share.......what a bad blogger I am.
Today Mr Manic and DD have been in bed getting ready to go on night shift so I have been head cook, bottle washer and cleaner all day with half an hour respite when DD kindly beautified my hair with chemicals.
I think I will fetch some die cutting down to do while I watch DOI as I have need of rather a lot of daisy type flowers for a few cards I want to make when I manage to get upstairs.
Just off to make a cake now and then I need to get a bath before DD leaves for work as I can't go in the bath or shower when I am in the house alone.......too many horror films watched in my!!!
Thanks for your visit.

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  1. If you'd like some 3D Roses let me know ... I'll send you some Die Cuts to play with.

    I'm cutting butterflies from scraps at the moment lol!

    Suze x


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