Thursday, 17 February 2011

Busy Couple Of Days!!!

Had a fabulous but very busy day with Princess Doodle yesterday and by the time she went home I was fit for nothing but vegging out. Oh she was on top form I must say. Giggly, flirty and so funny but also into absolutely everything she shouldn't be. I thought we had pretty much childproofed the house but how wrong can you!!!

There were a few sellouts when we did the stand at the shop this week so today has been spent making stuff for restocking....mostly remakes so nothing new to share today.......I do apologise for that.

Tomorrow I will be doing housey things and then picking up the Princess who is coming to stay for the night as Mummy and Daddy will be at a wedding reception. It will be a bit hectic as we had planned the day around Mr Manic being at home but he is moving to a new job in the place where he works and has to go in for training. The new job is a permanent night shift which starts on Saturday and I am not looking forward that I can tell you.

Righto......I am back off upstairs for an hour and then a nice hot bath before I collapse on the sofa. I might watch a film and am quite in the mood for Avatar so I'll see what everybody else is up for.
Thanks for dropping in.

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