Monday, 14 February 2011

Too Much Partying!!!

Having partied for three days solid since her birthday on Friday I'm afraid Doodle was a bit bit crosspatchety today. I was howling with laughing at her because one minute she was as happy as Larry and the next she decided she wanted to have a teeny tiny grizzle. Boy does she know how to play it as well. Looking at me with big brown eyes with tears just about to spill over and then a big grin and back to playing.......honestly she will end up on the stage I!!!

I've only once (long ago) had a profile photograph of myself in my sidebar because I do not take a very good photo. I usually end up looking like something the family keep in the attic......on chains......but I love this one taken with Doodle at her party yesterday. Just wish I knew how to make it a bit's rather big.

Absolutely zilch done on the crafting front today. I've got a few bits ready to assemble that I did the other day but they will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Off to have a ferret in the freezer for something for tomorrow night's tea.........I'm in a cooking mood.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Glad Miss Doodle has had such a lovely birthday time and you too by the sound of it. Lovely photo too Sheila!

    Lesley Xx

  2. What a great photo Sheila, have to say I have seen you before a long time ago when you worked elsewhere and can I just say you look amazing. Not that you didn't before, (I will put the shovel down now before I dig a bigger hole lolol). Just wanted to let you know its a great picture lolol

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo of you and Miss Ruby, it is beautiful and you look fab.
    Hugs xxx

  4. Sheila, how lovely to see a photo of you. Can finally put a face to all that beautiful crafting!! So glad you've continued with your blogging, first place I visit each day. Take care

    Karen from Aus xx

  5. It's a brilliant picture of you both! Nice to see you again. :-) And belated Happy Birthday To Princess R. Doodle!


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