Sunday, 28 May 2017

Cars, Cars...And More Cars!!!

We either hadn't seen or there hadn't been any advertising for the Family Fun Day at the racecourse in the little town and if we had of known we would have avoided the place like the plague.
The traffic jam went right from the racecourse down to the A50 and a few miles along there too. Getting in and out of T***o was just not going to happen so we veered off and went A**a instead. 
Those poor people stuck in that lot would be lucky to make it the end of the event never mind the start of it and of course our main route home goes past the racecourse..ha....not today matey.....we went the long way round.

I cooked a whole chicken yesterday to have cold with salad and new potatoes today so that the kitchen wouldn't be like a blast furnace while I cooked a roast dinner and I must admit it was very, very nice. Even Andy enjoyed it to my surprise.

He has been very busy these last few days as he has been on leave from work to use up some hours before he loses them so he has stripped and revarnished the old fire surround and sanded and varnished my £5 bargain coffee table. I love the fire surround but am not totally in love with the coffee table. Still the varnish was a bargain from B&Q's clearance bin at £2 per tin. He has used both tins but I think £4 for a makeover is not too bad at all.

Since losing Maggie I have had no inclination to sew or do any other type of crafting so I have been watching episodes of a home makeover programme on You Tube called Fixer Upper. Jojo who dresses the houses after the remodels is amazing and her style is definitely right up my alley. I am now planning a piece of wall art similar to one seen on the programme for over the sofa in the lounge involving a leftover piece of picket fencing, paint, decoupage and a clock. As soon as I feel able I will make a start on it.

I hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend and haven't spent any of it stuck in traffic jams.


  1. I'd rather watch DIY programmes than actually do any and I love the part where the interior designer brings it all together at the end.

    We're off to the van tomorrow. Hopefully we won't get stuck in any traffic. At least we're not flying - feel so sorry for those people stuck at airports. What a nightmare for them. xx

  2. Oh...there was lots of traffic in Uttoxeter this lunchtime...a trip to B & M, then Lidl took quite some time. x

    1. It was mad wasn't it?
      I bet you were there around the same time as us-x-

  3. That is the beauty of living on a remote traffic.


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