Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Who Knew?.............!!!

That gift wrapping could be so exhausting.
By the time we got back downstairs at 5:30pm I felt like I had wrapped a good part of the Argos warehouse.
We are about two thirds done so another session tomorrow should see us finished.
I really miss good quality flat wrapping know the kind where you could choose a selection of sheets from a rack and it was all nice and smooth. You can get some in packs from a couple of places but it has lots of creases in it already from being folded to fit in it's display bag and looks like it's been used for about three Christmases already.
Fighting with a ten metre roll of wrapping paper is not very high on my list of 'things I love to do'

Today is Ruby day so I will be tidying up and catching up with laundry. Tea is just fish and salad for us as Ruby has requested tomato soup. I swear she would eat that for breakfast, lunch and tea if you'd let her.
Tomorrow is the school Christmas play so I had better stock up on tissues as my eyes always leak when I hear children singing. I'm hoping London Grandma is coming up to see it too so that I have a mate to share my tissues with.

I've got Andy and DD doing their bit this morning. DD is cleaning the bathroom and Andy is going to clean out the fire and relay it so I had best go and get on with doing my bit.

Hope you all have the sunshine we have here this morning.


  1. There is nothing like a few tears of a child's concert. Enjoy.

  2. Wrapping is one of those things I start off thoroughly enjoying and end up fed up to the back teeth of doing. And I don't know about anybody else but it seems to take over the whole house.

    I bet you can't wait to see Ruby in her play can you. You are very lucky. Thomas and Amy were restricted to 2 tickets per family so no chance of other relatives getting a look in. Always felt bad about that, especially for Tom and Joan who looked after Amy 2 days a week for us. Enjoy every moment. xx

  3. Hello dear blog friend:

    We saw the heart medical team at a major hospital this past Monday and although it was a long day of yet more tests the results were positive and now my other half is to monitor his symptoms and stay under the care of his regular cardiologist unless their is a change. Lots of prayers and the fact he is a remarkably fit man for his age resulted in such a good outcome. Any way we are done with hospitals for a little bit.

    I too love tomato soup especially with a grilled cheese sandwich but not for breakfast. Have a lovely time with little Ruby and all the best for continued good health for Andy.


  4. and why is wrapping paper now so thin that it tears the minute you go round a corner.

    I quite fancy brown paper parcel paper...........except for the price.

  5. I used to love wrapping gifts but as you say the paper is thinner and crumples at the touch of an idea never mind a hand. This year I borrowed an idea from somewhere, I forget just where, and bought pretty scarves from the CS. Broken jewelry and crochet hearts and snowflakes jostle with scraps of ribbon and lace for decorations. It all went very fast and easy and it was fun.

  6. Wrapping is so tedious isn't it. Everyone in our house gives everything to me to wrap as they say I am the best at it. Only as they don't get any practice I'm sure! Looking forward to hearing how the School concert goes. Jane xx

  7. I absolutely hate wrapping, I must buy gift bags next time xx

  8. Hi Sheila I read your blog every day & love it. I must live quite near to you anyway just to say the Post Office In Tutbury sells that Old Fashioned Single Piece Xmas Paper Rolled up in 10's in a bucket on the floor near the till. I love using it also. Happy Christmas Lin x

  9. Helpers...fantastic...good luck at the play stopping the leaks! x

  10. MM......DD was a bit tearful when she watched it this morning so I am going to be a real

    Suzanne....We are so lucky that the school Ruby goes to has only 45 pupils in the whole school and they do two showings of the play so that as many people can go as possible-x-

    Sandy....Great to hear such positive news for your husband and thank you for your good wishes for Andy. He's getting there slowly-x-

    Sue in and I have very similar tastes then. I have wrapped the adults gifts in brown kraft paper with a strip of patterened kraft paper for decoration. If you have The Range near you they have ten metre rolls of plain brown paper for £1 and it's lovely and thick-x-

    Pam.....What a fabulous idea to use scarves....I may well nick that idea for next year-x-

    Jane....Yes wrapping is very tedious indeed.....especially for a Ganma who seems to have gone a bit mad with gifts for the girls this year-x-

    Marlene.....I am that mad woman who wraps the gifts before they go in the gift bag which defeats the object of trying to make the job

    Hi Lin....Thanks for letting me know that I might just nip over and get some ready for next year. Thanks also for the lovely comment about my blog...that is so kind. I lived in Tutbury from when I was three until I was eighteen and then moved to Derby for a while then I moved back with my husband when I was twenty one until we moved to Marchington in 1982. Do you live in Tutbury? -x-

    Hey Jackie.....No way to stop the leaks I'm afraid where children and singing are

  11. Hi Sheila, Thanks for reply, I don't live in Tutbury I just call at the good charity shop there & sometimes the post office most Mondays after school cause my 15 year old daughter has a piano lesson at a house nearby. I live in Alrewas have done for 30yrs before that Burton. Take care your blog is lovely & always puts a smile on my face I have 4 grandchildren & love spending time with them. Best Wishes Lin


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