Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday Doings!!!

Up and out this morning to go and do a shop for the local food banks as it is the last day for collecting in T***o........ and a top up shop of veg and bread for us.
Back home and DD has gone off to work, Andy and I have just had a spot of lunch and once I have tidied that away I will use up the leftover bread from the week to make my bread sauce for the freezer. I have to make loads as my lot love it.

Andy has been and fetched the Boxing Day beef from the butchers although we won't actually have it on Boxing Day as I can't face two roast dinners on the trot. We'll just have cold meats and salad on the day and maybe have the roast beef later in the week.

I need to move all of the frozen meat from the inside to the outside freezer and I am not looking forward to that as it's very cold here today.......damp cold rather than frosty cold.
There is also a print I need to frame and get wrapped up for a Christmas gift and the finishing touches to put to the snowman wreath.

DD is off out to her work Christmas do tonight and will be eating out so we have treated ourselves to some gammon which we will have with a few chips and some mushrooms and pineapple.....lovely.

Heaven knows what we will watch when we settle down for the night tonight. We do have loads of dvd's but have watched some of them so many times that they are just about worn out. I was going to have a troll around the charity shops this morning to see if I could pick up any cheapo ones but we had to get back with DD being at work.

Break time is over so I'll go and whizz up some breadcrumbs and I shall see you tomorrow.
Hope you are having a fab weekend.



  1. You sound very organised. Enjoy your evening and your gammon & chips...I like grilled pineapple, OH likes an egg with his. Hope you find something to watch.

  2. Never made bread sauce before...may have a go soon. x

  3. Ive never had bread sauce in my life! Isn't it funny how often the padders out of the meal are our favourites? Yorkshires number one, then I adore the stuffing!

  4. I would love it if you would share your recipe for bread sauce, we are all big fans. We like a fried egg with our gammon.

  5. That's lovely of you to do a shop for the food bank. This time of year puts a strain on so many households, being able to eat shouldn't be one of those worries :(

    I have a piece of gammon in the fridge that I need to cook. I like mine with pineapple, Mark prefers his with egg although we'd both be happy with either.

    Hope you find something to watch. The boys are sat here watching Indpendence Day Resurgence. It's really loud so I'm going to take myself to bed and crochet. xx

  6. It's all sounding very festive and like you have everything organised. Enjoy your evening xx


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