Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Baby Whisperer!!!

I got to look after Marlowe this morning while DDIL and DD went to see Ruby in her play....I will be going this evening with DS.
Poor little Marlowe has somehow got Impetigo so DDIL didn't want to take her in to school.
We got the screaming and then I remembered this.......

...ugly brute that Ruby used to love when she was a baby. He sings Jingle Bells and his head moves. Marlowe loved him too and he quietened her down enough for me to get her coat on, get her in to her pushchair and take her for a walk in the fresh air where she promptly fell asleep.
Good old Mr Turkey.....the baby

It's cold and damp here today so I am putting off going out and washing down the window ledges. Instead the oven is going on to cook a batch of jacket potatoes which I will turn in to Cheese Souffle Jackets for tea.

DD has been on annual leave for nearly a fortnight and all we seem to have done is spend the time running here there and everywhere finishing off the Christmas shopping so tomorrow we are taking time out to go for lunch before we go to school to see Ruby in her Celebration Assembly. After that she will have just two days left at school before breaking up and then we have a baking date on Wednesday when she is coming for the whole day rather than just coming for tea. I can't wait for that.

Thanks so much for all of the comments yesterday....I am just going to nip in and reply to them.



  1. That is an impressive baby whisperer. Amazing what a walk in the fresh air can do, works everytime.

  2. It's strange sometimes what can pacify a baby! Would probably scare me though. x


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