Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dressing The Dresser!!!

She fits so perfectly it's just like she was made especially for the space she is in.

Top left cupboard comfortably holds the day to day crockery and the top right cupboard has all of my glassware in the same place for the first time in years.
Bottom left cupboard holds baking tins and serving dishes. Bottom right roasting pans and baking sheets all easily accessible.
One big drawer is the cutlery drawer and the other is yet to be filled.
The centre drawers hold phone directories and the address book and I have a first aid drawer.
The small drawers hold batteries, keys and other small items that were just crammed into one drawer previously and there are still a couple left to fill.
She's like Mary Poppins'

There's room for a pretty Christmas display..........

.......and another one......although for me this area would have better with just one central shelf and then my cookery books could have fit in there.

I had great fun deciding where everything would go but boy was I pooped by the time I was done.

Not a very good start to the day today as I fell over Smudge on the landing. Thank gawd the sideboard was there else it could have been very nasty. I have just ended up with a scraped arm. It's sore but when I think I could have ended up smashing my head against the wall......well it doesn't bear thinking about actually.

Ruby's little face when she opened her parcel last night was just awesome......and when she found that the trousers fit her smile could have outdone Blackpool Illuminations.
They are a little long in the leg but I have asked DDIL to wash them before I take them up just in case they shrink. I didn't want to take them up and then find they shrunk and ended up being short.
I got to spend a little time with Marlowe when we dropped Ruby off last night and I got the shock of me life.....she is crawling now. She snuck that one in as she wasn't crawling the last time I saw her the little monkey.
Looks like I will be having some fun when I babysit her tomorrow evening.

Well lots more sorting and tidying to do today. 
The present wrapping has gone a bit further down the list and will now be done on Monday. We are just going to put each persons gifts into a black bag for now so that Ruby doesn't see anything while she is here for the weekend.

.......and that is the news from Tea Towel Mansion for today.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.


  1. I have dresser envy!

    Sorry to hear about the scraped arm - you were lucky.

  2. Glad you your injuries weren't any worse.
    The dresser looks great, just think how you can change the displays to suit your mood and the different times of year x

  3. It looks as though it was made for that spot. I have some pieces I fell in love with at the store, but once home the stand out like a boil on the bum,not nice to look at.

  4. Oh I have serious dresser envy, it looks delightful love your displays :-)

  5. I too am a pale shade of green, love what you have done with the shelves and just love the little drawers.

  6. Could you still use the center space for cookbooks by laying them on their sides instead of upright?

  7. I too have dresser envy, it looks amazing. Thrilled to hear that Ruby loved her trousers. Marlowe crawling already, where does the time go? Honey started moving this week too, crawling backwards. Hector is a shuffle bum and moves around shuffling on his bottom, he is quick. They are certainly not babies for long.

  8. It is beautiful - it was made for the space!
    Margaret P

  9. Looks lovely and sounds good...apart from the fall. x

  10. It looks fabulous and I love the way you have arranged it. Moving things around from cupboard to cupboard can be ever so tiring can't it and I'm never really sure why! Jane xx

  11. The dresser is lovely. Pretty and practical what more could you ask for. Glad you didn't hurt yourself too much when you fell. It probably won't be long until Sienna is crawling when I think about it, she's 6 months already! xx


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