Sunday, 18 December 2016

So Spoiled!!!

Sunday morning and I am not rushing around in the kitchen rustling up the lunch.
Andy wanted a roast dinner and said he would cook it and I didn't
He makes a fabulous Sunday roast so while he is doing that I am doing.........nothing......and it feels rather good.

After lunch I will finally write the cards and Ruby has fetched one of the hems down on her trousers so that needs mending. After that I am going to make my list of what I need to do this week and what veg and stuff I need when I venture out on Thursday and that will be Christmas 2016 done and dusted.

How are you doing with your preparations?

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. You deserve a break Shelia, enjoy it.
    We are popping out to get the Turkey crown and a few other bits tomorrow, then all I need to do the end of the week is get veg and cream xx

  2. .you are right there are sometimes when one enjoys doing Nothing at all .
    wishing you an amazing Christmas aheaddear

  3. A dull grey Sunday here, no incentive to do much at all. Hope your roast was good. Sunday is my no-cook day. Something on toast will do

  4. Enjoy been pampered, you deserve it.

  5. What a lovely treat having lunch cooked for you. The only thing I don't cook is a fry up, hate doing them, but Mark does a really good one and we had one for brunch today. Food always tastes better when somebody else has made it. xx

  6. oh, I want some days where I can just do nothing. I'm craving that. But that said, today was a busy but beautiful day, so that's ok. And I still managed to cook a roast dinner too.

    Thank you for visiting, and the very lovely comment.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas x


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