Saturday, 17 December 2016

It's Creeping Ever Closer!!!

Well this time next week Christmas will be upon us and I for one will be very glad.......only because I am so excited to see Ruby's face when she opens her presents here on Christmas afternoon.
For the first time she wrote a very specific but modest wish list and I think as a family we have managed to fulfil pretty much most of her wishes so I think she will be a very happy little girl.

I was a very proud Ganma at the assembly yesterday as Ruby got two awards for reading and homework. She got to finish school early and we took her home and spent a lovely hour with her, DDIL and Marlowe before we came home to pick Andy up to go out for tea. He didn't feel like going out in the end so we had Chinese instead and it was lovely.

Today I am making a beef stew and while that is cooking DD and I are off upstairs to finish off the gift wrapping and the card writing so that we can clear all that stuff away for another year.
I have no intentions of fighting in the supermarkets for the last sprouts or carrots so I will be doing the last of the food shopping on Thursday and staying well away from town any day after that. I may be mad but I am not quite that

Okey dokey....let's get this stew cookin'

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Proud moments indeed. Didn't she do well, bless her.

  2. Well done little Ruby. I'm with you on avoiding the shops!! x

  3. Well done Ruby, you must be so proud. I have managed not to go into a supermarket at all in my run up to Christmas and I intent to keep avoiding them. Jane xx

  4. Aww bless her. They are very special moments indeed and looking back their primary school days go very quickly.

    Shopping on Thursday for us as well. It's our normal shopping day anyway and apart from going out for a turkey that will be it for us as well. xx


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