Friday, 16 December 2016

It's All Go!!!

The play at Rubys' school was just fabulous and the tissues came in very I defy anyone not to need a tissue when listening to all those gorgeous, sweet voices singing their little hearts out. I've been singing the song about ten tubby snowmen all morning. I am really going to miss the Christmas play.....until it's Marlowes' turn.

Today is a busy day so we will not be taking time out to go for lunch which will end up being rushed as we need to be at school by 1:45 at the latest. Instead we are going out for our evening meal so that we can relax and enjoy it.
So our day will for the presentation of certificates, collect Ruby and take her home, nip into town for a couple of things we need, come home and pick Andy up, back out again for tea, back home........and

I haven't done an update on Andy for a while but he is doing fine apart from one frustrating problem which is preventing him from going back to work. I won't go into details as it would just be too much information but hopefully there will be some help when he goes to the clinic in January. Until then I will just have to put up with him being bored.........and refrain from battering him if he watches Where Eagles Dare or Dambusters one more

Well that's me for today. I need to pop up and have a shower before we go anywhere, put some laundry in to dry and find something to wear so I'll be off and get that done.

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  1. Tissues are always needed where the little ones are concerned. Sadly we were not able to go to the dance concert today, the girls are just not well enough. On the plus side it did save me the 3 and a half hour drive each way. Enjoy your meal out.

  2. Ah yes, the school concert, I remember my granddaughter singing about Mary and her crusty donkey many years ago. She would not have it that she should sing trusty until the day of the concert. We were on tenterhooks as she had a sweet voice but with a powerful volume. Now I hear them in Welsh which is amazing.

  3. Hearing children sing brings an instant lump to my throat. I don't care what little rotters they are any other time, they all sound so angelic when they're singing. The days are very busy at this time of year aren't they, I know I've been chasing my tail all day what with one thing and another. Hope you enjoyed your meal and it's so good to hear Andy is keeping well even though he's not yet back at work. xx

  4. I am so hopeless at children's concerts. I only have to hear the word's Little Donkey and i start to cry. I'm so glad the concert went well. I know just what you mean about old war films. I have told Tom I feel like I'm living in an O Level History Room! Jane xx


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