Friday, 2 December 2016

Slowly Going Crazy!!!

My daily routine is shot to pieces and has been really since Andy came out of hospital. I am missing it badly.
The house which is almost always tidy until he walks through the door is a permanent tip as he is sooooo untidy.
All my lovely cushions are in a squashed heap on one sofa instead of being nicely plumped and arranged on both sofas because he sits on them to try and stop his backside from going numb.
He is eating like a pig and drinking like a fish. The kettle is always on and wherever I am and whatever I am doing he always finds me and dumps a drink by my elbow. I tell ya......I am so full of tea I can see it swishing round in my
A threat has been issued that I am going to burn his shoes if he doesn't stop leaving them where I can break my neck over them......totally ignored as I nearly went flying over his slippers this morning.
I am going crazy.......and if anybody wants me I am sitting in the corner rocking and talking to
P.S.....I love him really 😘

Called in to see the Doodle family last night and luckily arrived before Marlowe went to bed and we had a lovely cuppa along with lots of cuddles. Ruby was thrilled with the little set of Christmas lights I found.......her name and some stars. Daddy had to immediately find Blutack and fix them to her bedhead. I would love to find some where you can get individual letters to make up a name as obviously the name Marlowe is a tad unusual.

Well I suppose I had better go and find something to do......I don't know what. There's plenty wants doing but I have woken up in a 'can't be bothered' mood this morning unfortunately so I will just have to see what takes me fancy.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Gerard is just as bad so I can't offer him up for a swap.

  2. Oh dear I feel for you with the untidy lot I have got. I used to threaten to throw any shoes I found in the hall out into the road. It worked for a few weeks but then it started all over again! Jane xx

  3. Hahahaha I feel your pain - thanks for the email, will respond later - it might be full of sweary ranting!


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