Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sorting And Shifting!!!

DD and I have just spent a dusty, mucky half hour sorting out the sideboard in the kitchen and moving it up to the landing.
We have measured and discussed the storage crates we want to put into it and she has gone off to fetch them so by tonight we should be fully sorted up there.
While she is gone I am decobwebbing, scrubbing skirting boards and hoovering ready for the dresser to go straight into it's new home tomorrow but we will spend the rest of today surrounded by all of the stuff that will need to go into it. The dining room looks like an indoor carboot sale 😟

Determined to find Ruby some grey stretch school trousers I finally found and ordered them online in the early hours of this morning from Next and they will be here tomorrow. I just hope to gawd they fit her and don't need any alterations to the length.
I can't believe how hard it was to find them. Most supermarkets do them but they are all sold out. They have thousands of pairs of the other trousers hanging there doing nothing so maybe next year they should have less of those and more of the jersey trousers. Guess who will be first in line when uniform comes out in July.

Okey day.....the Marigolds are waiting but if I can get at the kettle I think I might just have a coffee before I do my scrubby thing.

Hope you're all having a lovely day.


  1. You'll have so much more fun putting things back in the lovely new dresser!

  2. Thrilled you managed to get the trousers Ruby so desperately wanted. Exciting times ahead sorting out the dresser.

  3. Exciting times....maybe some fairy lights on the dresser? x

  4. New dresser looks lovely and you're so lucky having the space for it. Have fun organising it!

  5. School uniform is a pain to find after the summer holidays - I speak from experience. I now buy the next size up as well as what fits Thomas. Took me a few years to learn that though! xx


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