20 December 2016


Handmade Christmas cards from the Doodle Family.
Ruby's hand and Marlowe's teeny tiny foot turned into reindeer.
I think they are absolutely precious.

Today I will be working in my sparkling kitchen making peppermint creams for Ruby to dip in chocolate and decorate tomorrow. I may also make a couple of batches of the cookies and just have her decorate them as I am not sure she will have the patience for everything I have planned. I'll leave the ginger cookies for us to make together and then she can have the fun of using all the Christmas cutters to make her shapes.

Andy has to go out to a funeral this afternoon. He won't be out that long but it will be the longest he has been out on his own since coming out of hospital. I daresay I will worry until he's home again but I am going to really enjoy having the house to myself for a short while. That sounds awfully selfish but I do like my own company sometimes and it has been in very short supply over the last couple of months.

Horrible happenings in the world again yesterday.
Whatever cause or religion these acts are carried out for they leave behind shattered families who should be celebrating Christmas which will never be the same for them again.
My thoughts today are with those families.

Thank you for your visit today.



  1. They are very precious indeed, I have a memory box from when Jack will small.
    Mint cremes sound good xx

  2. Those cards are wonderful, how ingenious! You'll treasure them forever.

  3. The cards are adorable. Definitely something to put in the keepsake box.

    I know what you mean about having the house to yourself, I love it when Mark says he'll be out for the full day. Absolute bliss!

    Terrible events in Berlin. I've told Amy to steer clear of the markets in Manchester this week. I know a lot of people will say we should carry on as normal or they've won, but I'm not willing to risk her safety to prove a point. xx

  4. Marlene....the cards will be going into a keepsake box for sure-x-

    Sooze....I will definitely treasure the cards. I love them-x-

    Suzanne....I got a couple of hours of peace and what did I do? I folded laundry and hoovered. I could do with a good
    Very sensible to warn Amy away from the markets. You just never know do you? -x-

  5. Lovely cards...something to treasure. Haven't listened to much news the last few days until this evening. No sense can I make of it. x

  6. We live in a very frightening world Jackie-x-

  7. Beautiful cards, precious indeed. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  8. Last christmas I was given some pictures of the grand kids hand and foot prints they did on canvas and turned into animals, they are brilliant keep sakes :-)


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