Saturday, 10 December 2016

Where's The Off Button!!!

Oh my goodness me.....I never knew that a baby could scream for so long. 
Little Marlowe decided that she didn't want to be looked after by Ganma and Aunty DD, she wanted her Mummy and Daddy and so screamed for a solid four hours. She wouldn't eat her tea and she didn't want to play so all I could do was hold her and hope it passed......but it didn't.......until DS walked through the door and then she was all smiley and chatty.
DDIL says it is a recent development of separation anxiety and happens if she even goes out of the room for a minute or so. I'm just glad that it was that and not something more serious that I was missing.

Off out to do a top up shop this morning with me Ruby. I will be trying to have a heart of steel and not spoil her too much with it being so near Christmas........honestly I will try but will I be successful? That remains to be

This afternoon I will be taking up the school trousers which didn't shrink at all so hubby has been despatched to buy ballpoint needles for my machine so that I can get that job done.

Tonight it will be snuggling with hot chocolate and a Christmas film........bliss.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sounds like a blissful day planned after a fraught evening! Babies can certainly make their presence known when they want to. x

  2. My granddaughter went through a spell of night terrors, she screamed the house down and I was terrified. I was so happy when it stopped.

  3. Hope you have a quieter day today! Catriona

  4. What a nightmare for you, that happened to us once when we were looking after Lily she didn't stop crying until her Mum returned. Hope you have a good time with Ruby today, go on spoil them, you know you want to.

  5. It's so hard when babies cry. I babysat my sister's son once when he was a baby and he cried for hours. I tried to make light of it when she returned home. What is that wet patch on the carpet she said. It's where Dan was sick after crying for so long said my eldest son who was 4 at the time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Jane xx

  6. We had that happen when both our granddaughter and one of our grandsons were left overnight with us for the first time as babies. I was up half the night walking around rocking them in my arms until at last exhaustion made them fall asleep. It only happened the first time, after that they were fine.

  7. Oh I sympathise Sheila. Sienna can cry for hours as well and they're so young there's nothing you can do. Thomas suffered terribly with separation anxiety. I only had to turn my back and he'd start crying. It actually becomes very draining for a Mum when she can't do anything. Let's hope it doesn't last long with Marlowe. xx


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