Monday, 19 December 2016

Big Job Day!!!

Today I will be arming meself with orange and vinegar spray, bicarb and me trusty Marigolds and cleaning the cooker...oh
While the spray and bicarb are working their magic in the oven I will clean all the kitchen cupboard doors and the outside of the cooker.
At the end of today I should have a Christmas ready kitchen and Ruby and I can enjoy our cookie baking day on Wednesday in a lovely clean and sparkling kitchen.

Where the energy is going to come from....gawd only knows. I was just managing to drift off to sleep at 3:15am when some moron screeched into our road and sat revving his car engine for about 15 minutes. Then the people in the car got out and proceeded to talk very loudly out on the street for about forty five minutes before he started revving his engine again and then screeched off at about 4:30am. I eventually managed to get to sleep at about 5am so am feeling a little zombie-ish this morning.
At one time I would have gone out and tackled them about it but these days you just don't know what you might face if you do so I'll just have to hope that they get a lump of coal in their stocking at Christmas.

Andy is back from delivering cards so I am just going to have bit of breakfast with a good strong coffee to wash it down before I start on the cleaning.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. I have visitors later today, my sister and her family so busy adding to the baking.

  2. Oven cleaning was a job I hated, now with the Rayburn its just a quick wipe out, enjoy your cookie making session.

  3. My job tomorrow is the oven😔got to be done though, enjoy your baking, hope you get an uninterrupted sleep tonight, xx

  4. My oven had "the full monty" last week, the rest will have an extra oomph on Friday. I am keeping it simple, as usual, so it should last till the New Year is in and settled.

  5. Some people are so selfish aren't they? All this cleaning we are all doing. Some days I worry all I will be fit for by Christmas is a sleep. Jane xx

  6. Wonder why people do that? That happens round here sometimes too, they make as much noise as they can, wake everyone up, then off they go, totally oblivious. On Saturday night we had an hour of the loudest fireworks known to man. I don't care if someone has a few fireworks, they tend not to last and you can zone it out. But the ones on Saturday were so loud! And every time I thought they'd finished, the rotters started up again. Ooh, I was so annoyed!

    Been cleaning my oven too. Mainly because I cooked lamb on Sunday and the splats were everywhere!
    Enjoy your baking day x


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