Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Silly Old Bat!!!

Made some cards at work yesterday and thought I had put them in my bag to bring home and photograph........and I hadn't.......arrrrrrrgh silly old buffer!!!
I've been at home today (Tuesday) and not really made anything worth blogging. Just some stock for the local shop.......quick and easy and using up the last of some DCWV Nana's Kids paper I had.
Other than that I have been very housewifey today and did a cooked meal for tea and marinated and cooked some chicken to go with some salad for tomorrow nights tea. I am mightily impressed with meself as I am not usually so organised but DD has to fetch me from Ashby on Wednesday's so a quick tea is essential when she has to get ready to go to work herself.
Two more days at work and then I have thirteen days off. I am going to finish off the!!!
DD is on a rest week so we have made a plan and we're determined to stick to it.
Hubby has been threatened with dire consequences if he starts ordering complicated meals to take me away from my wallpapering.
Well I am off to get some sleep.....all this domestic activity has quite worn me out.
Bye for now

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