Friday, 10 July 2009

Got Me Some Inky Fingers....Yay!!!

After a dilatory start to the day today I eventually managed to get upstairs and do some inky stuff.
I found some rather nasty coloured velvet flowers (pink, lemon etc) in my basket the other day and wanted to recolour them. So I used Colour Wash spray inks diluted with a little water and dunked the flowers into the mixture. Spread them all out onto a tray and then sprayed with various Glimmer Mists and some other sprays with mica powders in. They are now drying nicely and look a thousand times better.
There was lots of inky mixture left on the tray so I have used that up by dragging a couple of sheets of card through it to make some nice backgrounds for stamping on.
The top plate of flowers have been done with Cranberry ink with a spritz of Auburn GM and another coppery coloured mist.
The bottom plate of flowers was coloured with Eggplant ink and spritzed with Silver GM and a violet mist.
The colour on the paper is a mixture of the!!!
Well I am on holiday now until a week on Tuesday.......phewwww I am soooo ready for a break.
Next Tuesday the decorating starts. DD will be asleep during the day until Monday lunchtime and then I am off to Asda in the afternoon...........don't I lead the most exciting life!!! Most people would spend their holiday at the seaside and here's me going to the supermarket and decorating. Ah well I shan't have to pack or make sure I turn the electric off.........ha ha ha!!!
Right....I'm off for a cuppa with hubby before I go for a nice soak in my Sanctuary.
Have a fab weekend.


  1. Wow...looks like you had lots of fun with that ink. Can't wait to see the background paper used.

  2. Oooh, just what I like - getting inky. Bet those flowers look even more lush in real life.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Enjoy your well deserved holiday, Sheila, hope the weather is kind to you!

  4. Hello Sheila,
    Those flowers and papers are gorgeous. I also can't wait to see what you do with them.

    I absolutely love your blog, and check it several times a week (daily if poss). You are very talented.

    Jennifer (from Australia)


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