Friday, 25 May 2018

It's A Tad Wet!!!

What a difference today from yesterday. It's quite chilly, a little windy and very wet. I am not complaining as the garden needed it badly and everything is looking fresh and clean.

Today I have had a general tidy round but am saving noisier jobs for when Andy gets up so that I don't disturb him. This means I am having a bit of quiet time until then and trying to finish the doll dress I started. There will have to be a few more made as we have a new addition to the doll collection. Ruby and I have been waiting for them to bring out a doll with short hair and at last they have so we now have six dolls.

Ruby is coming to stay for the weekend so tonight we were going to take her out for tea to The Harvester but it is closed for refurbishment and will re-open as a steak house in June. I'm not a fan of steak so I am very disappointed that I will no longer be able to get my chicken and salad fix at Harvester.
Frankie & Benny's it is then.
After that we'll come home to a film and popcorn in our pj's.
Tomorrow I think will be a quick trip to the big town to search for a couple more pieces of clothing to add to my rather depleted wardrobe and as I don't usually go into the big town on Saturday I will go and check if the haberdashery stall is still on the market....I am desperate for buttons.
Usually when Ruby stays for the weekend we arrange to meet DDIL and Marlowe at the pub for lunch but this time we have to get her back earlyish on Sunday morning as they have something on so it will be a late home cooked lunch as DD is at work.
Andy is off Monday so we might have a ride out somewhere for a couple of hours. At one time we would have taken Smudge for a good walk at Carsington but the poor old guy doesn't like going out for walks much these days and he would just get too distressed in the car.

I can hear sounds of movement upstairs so I had best go and get my Mrs Mop head

Hope you all have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend.

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