Thursday, 24 May 2018

Another Lovely Morning!!!....Post Number 2000....Wow!!!

It's nice and sunny out again and the garden is an absolute hive of activity with all the birds visiting the feeding areas and Mr Blue Tit busily feeding his Mrs in the nesting box.
Flowers are blooming. The red thistle looks spectacular and there are roses and peonies with so many buds that are waiting to blossom.
There are jobs that need doing out there....the herb table needs some trimming and tidying up for starters but that will be a job to do with Ruby at the weekend as she loves the herb table.
Inside I have done a bit of wiping down in the kitchen and am just about to start cleaning the cooker. Oh that is a job I just dislike so much....but it has to be done so I'll just get on with it and then I can have some time sewing later.....I might indulge in a quick coffee though before I

What are you all up to today? Whatever it is I hope the sun is shining on you.


  1. Congratulations on your 2000th post!
    It's beautiful and sunny here today but I'm feeling low as the cat has disappeared. I hope she turns up soon.
    Cleaning the cooker is a thankless task but just think how pretty and shiny it will be once it's done. X

    1. Oh Jules....I hope your cat has arrived home safe and sound.
      Big hugs-x-

  2. Let's hope the weather holds for the weekend x

    1. Not looking so good Saturday and Sunday but apparently Monday is going to quote this mornings


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