Sunday, 8 March 2009

Wet And Windy Sunday!!!'s a bit wild outside this morning. My favourite kind of day though to be snuggled up in my craft room and that is where I shall be shortly as I have orders to complete and curtains to hang.
Yes at last I have my curtains........or at least they will be curtains as soon as I have finished them.
Not being able to find the fabric I wanted at a price within my budget I have bought a huge tablecloth and cut it in half to make some very simple and not too full curtains as I don't want to lose too much light.
I don't really need curtains as the back of our house overlooks fields for miles but the thought of somebody being out there and able to see in just freaks me!!!

Sorry there was no blog post yesterday but I had a really bad night on Friday. Unable to get to sleep I went up to my craft room to the computer and ended up falling asleep in front of it. I woke up in the most awful pain and didn't feel right all day. Everything I stamped ended up in the bin so I just sat and pinned the curtain tape onto my fabric and then hand stitched one of them while I watched a film with hubby last night.
Got a bit better night last night so hopefully I shall make something worth showing today.

Anyway.....hubby has finally returned from his Sunday morning shufty to Tesco so I am sending him out to the shed to get some curtain hooks and I am off upstairs.

Have a fab Sunday.


  1. Sorry you were suffering yesterday Sheila. I'm suffering today because I went in the garden for about 5 hours yesterday. It's the first time since last September and today I can hardly move. Tee! Hee!

    I am glad to hear, though, that even the experts chuck things in the bin in disgust. It gives me hope!

    Eagerly awaiting sight of today's makes.

    Lesley Xx

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