Monday, 16 March 2009

Totally Crackered!!!

Nothing much to show for my day off other than a sore back and a headache.
I've been having a muck out today and have trawled lots of unwanted household stuff to the incinerator at the bottom of the garden......hence the sore back.
Getting ready for a mammoth decorating session next week which I am going to have to get done in less time than I had planned as I booked a week off from work so that I would have ten days straight but Deb's mum is off on holiday at the weekend and there is a kids party at the shop so I am doing the shop while Deb does the party and then Monday Deb has an appointment so I have to go in then. Sod's Law innit.

I woke up with the headache which I think is due to cleaning off my Cricut mats with white spirit yesterday before I resprayed them. Still I have worked through it and it seems to be on it's way out now.

Hoping to get a bit of time to make cards at the shop tomorrow and Wednesday as there is no class until Thursday morning. I still have lots of new stamp sets to work with but time at home will be a little limited for a while .

Still looking for a couple more things for the blog candy package but it's filling up nicely now. I'm hoping that some stuff we ordered at the show has either arrived or will arrive this week.

Anyhow I am off to bed.....another early night. This is so not like!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

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