Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I Just Knew It!!!

I was supposed to be knuckling down and getting started on the decorating today but I just can't summon up the energy somehow.
Been feeling decidely 'off' for a week or so and I think I probably have a virus or something as I ache all over but most especially in my shoulders which feel like somebody has taken an axe to them. I'm going to give myself another couple of days of just pottering about and then see how I feel at the weekend.
This just about always happens to me when I take holiday.

Anyhoo.......I have just spent the day Cricuting today, cutting out loads of layers and mats. I've used up a great heap of the 300 sheet set I had from Costco and have even cut out some in Christmas colours......mad or!!!
Tomorrow I shall either do more cutting or I'll make some cards and hopefully have something to post.

If you want to win some Blog Candy go to the next post down and leave a comment to be in with a chance to win the goodies pictured there.
The draw will be on April 15th.

I'm off to chuck me poor aching bod into a hot bath and then get in bed. I've had so much sleep these last few days that I shouldn't need any for the rest of the!!!

Bye for now
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Sheila. Hope you soon recover and that you don't have a nasty virus. Blog Candy is fab, you are so kind to offer all this.
    Christine xx

  2. I hope you feel better soon Sheila! I've seen you mention cricket/cricut(?) and was wondering how that works. I'm assuming it's a template cutter of sorts? My daughter says she wants one. When you're feeling better, could you give me your recommendation on that? Pro's and con's?
    Thanks Sheila!

    Joan :)

  3. What an awesome blog and fab blog candy. Thanks for sharing.


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