Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Winter Witterings!!!

Another couple of cards made with leftover bits from my Graphic 45 collections. Just small 5x5's.
This beautiful sight is what I can see from my front window. They are silver birch trees and they look just like they are draped in lace.
The house you can see in between the two trees with the white door is the very first house Mr Manic and I bought in 1982. To the left of it and forward is another row of very similar houses and DS and DDIL are going to view one of them on Thursday with a view to renting it. I am so excited. Here we are about halfway between where they live now and where DDIL works so she has a half hour or so journey here on the mornings I have Ruby and then another half hour after she has dropped her off then the same in the evening so it would be much better if they get the house. DS has a really rubbish shift rota but he works near here so it would be better for him too.
The photo I am using for my blog header is the view from my workroom and is beautiful whatever the season.

Tomorrow Ruby may be leaving early so I will have a whole afternoon and all the following day to myself and I am going to stamp 'til my fingers bleed. I'm fed up of paper collection projects now but it's all I have time for most evenings. I've bored you to death I shall go and finish my very naughty mug of Ovaltine and then I am going to watch a film until bedtime.

Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

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  1. Wow you really do have a winter wonderland where you live right now! It's so beautiful! We haven't had any snow yet, just a dip in the jetstream that has brought in all the artic air!

    Have a great rest of the week!


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