Monday, 27 December 2010

Well...That's That Then!!!

I know we say it every year but.......blimey all that hard work and then it's gone in a flash.
We had a fantastic afternoon on Christmas day with our house full of guests. There was Mr Manic and myself, DD and her boyfriend, DDIL, DS and Ruby and DDIL's Mum, Stepdad, sister and her partner. Lots of laughter and merriment and hopefully the start of a combined family tradition.
This is one of the winter warmers I made to pop in with everyone's gifts. I drew heavily on inspiration from the fabulous Helen over at Fiddle Fart. They went down very well.
.......and here is a card I made yesterday. Very simple and using some of my Basic Grey stash which I want to wade through and get rid of now. The stamped image is Magenta. The last few weeks have been so 'full on' that it was lovely to have a nice relaxing day.I tidied away all of the wrapping paper that had taken over the workroom and just sat peacefully and quietly stamping....utter bliss.

The picture is taken with my new digital camera which Santa delivered along with lots of crafting goodies and Sanctuary smellies.
Miss Doodle was thoroughly spoiled and although she had had a very busy day she was still in a lovely mood when she got to us. I really had expected her to be crotchety but no she was smiley and chatty until nearly 8pm when she went to sleep like a little angel.

I hope you all had the Christmas that you hoped for.
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  1. Lovely idea Sheila for the winter warmers. Love your card too the colour is so beautiful. You don't fancy tidying my craft room too, do you, it looks like a bomb's hit it at the moment ! Glad you had a lovely Christmas day.

  2. Lovely thoughtful little gift Sheila and the card is wonderful. I love the colour too and the Magenta image is gorgeous.

    Sounds like a lovely time was had by all at Manic Towers! My lot have been filling the house to overflowing for the past 2 days and left about 2 hours ago. I'm looking forward to a couple of days quiet now, Lol!

    Lesley Xx


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