Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's A Lovely Day Today!!!

We have a little bit of winter sun this morning which is making the small amount of snow we have glisten and sparkle. So pretty. Tis rather chilly though so luckily I shall be nice and snug in the kitchen making things to go in the freezer for next weekend and finishing off the casserole I started yesterday for today's lunch.
Yesterday I had some time up in my room but did mostly prep work so no finished cards to show. They will get finished if I manage to squeeze an hour up there today before Miss Doodle arrives for the night.
Last night we went out late to Tesco (10pm) and got pretty much everything off my shopping list apart from a couple of things. It wasn't something I would do regularly but it was great not to have to fight for the last lettuce or!!!
Anyway, Mr Manic needs my services as an Argos catalogue looker upper and reservation clerk so I had best get off before he sacks me.
Thanks for your visit.

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