Monday, 20 December 2010

Busy Bee!!!

Manic Towers has been a hive of activity what with Miss Doodle in residence and all the baking I have been doing to prepare for our influx of visitors on Saturday.
Today I have made a ginormous chocolate and lime cheesecake using Nigella's Bourbon biscuit base from her Grasshopper Pie then Mascarpone with fresh limes for the filling. It smells divine. This evening I will be assembling some mini pizza bites on french stick slices to freeze and then cook on the day ETA at 5:50pm....actually now I won't be as Mr Manic has waded into the french stick to have with his tea!*)^%**!!! I also used up some leftover mashed potato from yesterday and made a couple of cheese, potato and onion flans so that's tonights tea sorted. It's so unlike me to be so organised it's scaring!!!
Ruby was a bit unsettled last night after just having returned from a weekend in London so I didn't get time upstairs as I'd hoped.
Another busy day tomorrow with Mr Manic starting his new job, the new car to be picked up, more baking to be done and gifts to wrap.........oh my days........I shall be glad when the day is here and no mistake.
Hope you are all having fun with your preparations too.
Thanks for dropping by.

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