Wednesday, 29 December 2010

It May Be Winter Outside!!!

 Yes it may be cold and foggy outside but here inside ManicTowers today I have been as snug as a bug. First thing I finished off the card up yonder. Another quick and simple card made using an envelope punch, a multi flower punch and some scraps of paper out of my box.
Once that was done I did this.................
Oh it was so relaxing. I started off with the fruitcake and while that was baking I made a batch of pastry for the lemon meringue pie plus some extra for a tray of mince pies. Once that was all done I started on a roast dinner to warm Mr Manic when he got in from work. One could be forgiven for thinking that I keep him half starved judging by the look on his face when he saw what I had been up to all!!!

DD has asked me to have a browse around some online shops and make a wish list for my isn't until April but she says she wants to make a start picking up bits for me from next pay day and I can't think of a better way to spend an hour seeing as I have been on me poor feet nearly all day.
It's her birthday on Monday and I ordered her pressie today which should be delivered tomorrow. Once upon a time we didn't have another birthday until mine but now we have Ruby who will be one in February. I just can't believe it......gawd I sound like a female Victor!!!
Anyhoo....I shall go and do some browsing as instructed and I'll see you tomorrow.
Thanks for your vist.


  1. Lovely card Sheila, I have an envelope punch somewhere gathering dust, maybe I'll have to dig it out ! Your baking spree looks delish ! I've tidied my craft room, it looks so much better and now I have room for more stash !

  2. Not only and fantastic card - but an amazing array of deliciousness too.

    If only cyberspace would allow us to sample your baking too!


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