Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Smell Of Christmas!!!

My kitchen has smelled like a proper Christmas heaven today with gingerbread men and snowflake cookies baking, a ham simmering on the hob and then baked with a coating of marmalade in the oven......and a naughty treat of sausages for tea. Absolute bliss!!!
I made some tiny gingerbread men and Christmas tree cookies for Ruby and she loved the one I gave her......chomping away at it with her one tooth that came through!!!
I'm just about dead on my feet after a very hectic day but now have to go and wrap pressies and make up some winter warmer packs to give to our guests on Saturday.
We have the new car at last and I think we are just about done with shopping apart from picking up the cockerel and beef from the butcher and a few last minute fresh food items from Tesco. DDIL and Miss Doodle will here for the day tomorrow and DD is taking them up to the garden centre for an hour to see the baby reindeer and have a coffee so that the head cook and bottle washer (that'll be me!!!) can have some peace and quiet before she goes completely mental.
Much as I am looking forward to our guests I think Boxing Day will be very welcome with just Mr Manic, DD and myself. We shall eat leftovers from Christmas Day for our meals and have our roast beef on Monday I think so that I get a day off from the cooking and baking. With a bit of luck I shall get time to play with my new crafting goodies........well if Santa brings me some.....ha ha ha!!!
Rightio.........wrapping here I come.
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  1. Hi Sheila, it sounds like you are fully prepared for the big day. Enjoy yourself with your family and of course Ruby Doodle.
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
    Christine xxx


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