Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Paying For It!!!

Baby cards made with the lovely Clipart Fairy images. These are 6x6 cards so the baby is quite big....perfect for sewing on buttons and bows. For the card edge I traced around a freebie card Edger onto the back of some paper, cut it out and stuck it onto the front of the card and then trimmed up the side of it to remove part of the card blank.

I am paying in spades this evening for my play session with Ruby today which involved me crawling around and laying on the floor so that she could use me as a climbing frame. Very unseemly activities for a 53 year old with not very good knees but boy was it good fun. Ruby had a ball and spent the afternoon giggling while grandma spent it groaning. Ah well nothing a hot bath won't cure.

Thanks for your visit today.


  1. Tee! Hee! Thank your lucky stars you're not going on 62 like me Sheila! I have my eldest (3 next week) coming to look after Mamma tonight whilst Gramps is away and I'm taking her home tomorrow evening. I just know I'm going to suffer all weekend, Lol!

    Lesley Xx

    PS Those cards are real cute and love the buttons and bows.

  2. Those baby cards are the "Bees Knees" Too cute, I love the buttons on them. It sounds like Ruby gave you a good workout! LOL Ruby is such a pretty name. I had my kiddos as a older mom. I'm now 47 and the oldest son is in 5th grade and my youngest son is in Kindergarten. He keeps me hopping too, but it does get easier I will say as the get older thank goodness!

  3. Gorgeous cards Sheila, the images are so lovely. Sounds like you're having a ball with Ruby ! Sue x


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